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Will physical payments soon be history?

  Apple Pay and Sixdots; these are only two out of several solutions that make it possible to pay for purchases without using physical money or a card. As smartphones are getting more mainstream, more payment solutions via apps arise and these solutions are getting more popular everyday. As we already wrote in an earlier […]

The potential breakthrough in mobile wallets thanks to NFC chips

Paying in an offline store while holding the new iPhone close to a checkout point to make a transaction with your iTunes account – it could be that simple. Apple will include Near Field Communication (NFC) chips on the new iPhone that was introduced on September 9th. This could be the breakthrough mobile wallets has […]

Why the UK does not lead in mobile innovation

There is no reason why mobile payments should stick to borders. Think of it, consumers in the US have access to the same online products and services, mobile devices and mobile payment providers as people in China or Brazil do. Still, it seems to take time for differences between countries to vanish. For example, the […]

Banks and mobile wallets – a good marriage?

Nearly 700 mobile payments startups seek funding, according to AngelList, an online platform for entrepreneurs and investors. This means that mobile payments are ‘hot’. Consumers want to trust third parties to handle their money, but there’s a flipside. Even though a lot of parties introduce new payment solutions, consumers aren’t eager to test out these […]

Paying made as easy as sending a text message

The United Kingdom has taken the next step towards the end of using cash, or so it seems. With the introduction of the new service Paym, transferring money is made as easy as sending a text message. Nine banks launched their support for Paym last week, which means that 30 million people can transfer money […]

The uprising of mobile payments

If you’re in a store to buy coffee or a book and you have the possibility to pay with cash, credit card or with your mobile phone, how would you make the transaction? Almost everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, but paying with it isn’t second nature yet. According to a recent survey from […]