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Payments 3.0: making the transition

The fast growth of e- and m-commerce is causing a fundamental change in the payments industry. Because the end-user is now the primary focus, payment transactions in themselves are becoming a ‘secondary priority’. Convenience and ease-of-use are the ultimate goal. This has led to a change in the traditional business model for the payments industry, […]

Paying made as easy as sending a text message

The United Kingdom has taken the next step towards the end of using cash, or so it seems. With the introduction of the new service Paym, transferring money is made as easy as sending a text message. Nine banks launched their support for Paym last week, which means that 30 million people can transfer money […]

Ease of Payment for Users, Complexity for Retailers

In the past, a loaf of bread bought at a bakery would be paid for in cash physically collected from a bank. Those days are long gone. The internet now offers all consumers a wide variety of purchasing options. They can decide where and when they buy a product and how they wish to pay […]

The uprising of mobile payments

If you’re in a store to buy coffee or a book and you have the possibility to pay with cash, credit card or with your mobile phone, how would you make the transaction? Almost everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, but paying with it isn’t second nature yet. According to a recent survey from […]