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Banks are a better version of themselves thanks to fintech

The emergence of fintech companies is good news for banks, although many banks may see this differently. The general assumption was that fintech was a threat. But the opposite is true. New competition actually ensures that traditional parties take a closer look at their current services again, which means that banks now feel the need […]

Millennials are the driving force behind mobile payments

The number of cashless payments increased by 52 percent between 2011 and 2015, with a total of 471 billion cashless payments worldwide in 2015. While the use of cash is decreasing, there is a momentum for mobile payments. According to Dutch bank ING almost half of the European mobile device owners bank by mobile, which […]

Blockchain in banking: what to expect?

The financial institutions Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Wells Fargo have set up a mutual transaction which is handled by a blockchain. It is the first global trade transaction between two independent banks with this technology, but it isn’t the first time that blockchain and banking are mentioned in the same breath. How can banks profit […]

Future proof banking: evolution or disruption?

Mismatched IT systems at banks are holding back business agility and customer service quality, but also lead to IT security risks, operational failures and downtime, and incidents of undetected fraud. This is why banks need to modernise the core systems, according to the Finextra Research report Invigorating Banking. The big question is: will banking be […]