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2014 was a year of change

If there is one word that would characterize the year 2014, then it would be ‘change’. The year was full of changes in the area of payments, banking and technology. The long-awaited offend-date for SEPA, innovations in the field of mobile payment and (still limited) acceptance of Bitcoin are the most important changes. Even though […]

The end of the beginning for SEPA

This article has been published in the magazine Future Banking, a print version of the website Banking Gateway. Karin Flinspach, EMEA Head Payments and Receivables at Citi, and Equens CEO Michael Steinbach elaborate on the migration process to SEPA.  With fixed dates for SEPA migration and compliance, the European Parliament has created clarity, a sense of […]

Initial experiences of SNS Bank with CPS: easy to use and moderately optimistic

Equens Corporate Payment Services (CPS) has been up and running since the beginning of 2013 and has already processed a large number of transactions. SNS Bank has been using CPS for six months and still has relatively little experience with it. “The majority of contracts have been entered in the system, but so far few […]

Milestone for Equens: one billion SEPA transactions processed

Equens, the largest pan-European payment processor, reached the magical number of one billion SEPA transactions last week. This is a very impressive number and one that we are very proud of, here at Equens. However, this volume also shows that the market is not yet fully prepared for the transition to SEPA. With the deadline […]