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W3C introduces web payments initiative

The World Wide Web standards organisation (W3C) is about to start a new initiative to integrate payments seamlessly into the Open Web Platform. The organisation brings together banks, retailers, governments and tech firms in an effort to develop standards for payments on the open web. There is a significant need for a standard like this, […]

Ecommerce Europe: research to stimulate e-commerce throughout Europe

According to the most recent research from Ecommerce Europe, there is a clear difference in online shopping across the various countries in Europe. For instance, people who live in northern and western Europe spend more time and money online than those who live in the southern countries. “Even though Southern Europe adopted the mobile phone […]

Payments 3.0: making the transition

The fast growth of e- and m-commerce is causing a fundamental change in the payments industry. Because the end-user is now the primary focus, payment transactions in themselves are becoming a ‘secondary priority’. Convenience and ease-of-use are the ultimate goal. This has led to a change in the traditional business model for the payments industry, […]

Trends in Payment Fraud

SEPA, e-commerce, mobile payments and bitcoins are just a few of the many shifts and innovations that dominate the payments industry. Whenever new technologies and practices evolve, there is an ongoing battle between organisations working to adapt the new reality and criminals trying to take advantage of early adaptors who are paving the way. To […]

The uprising of mobile payments

If you’re in a store to buy coffee or a book and you have the possibility to pay with cash, credit card or with your mobile phone, how would you make the transaction? Almost everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, but paying with it isn’t second nature yet. According to a recent survey from […]