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Euro countries are getting ready for the extended deadline

It seems that postponing the SEPA deadline for all stakeholders to get ready was useful. In an earlier stage, the ECB stated that if the pace of migration continued, the vast majority of stakeholders would have completed their migration by February 1st, the original deadline. New figures from the European Central Bank show that this […]

Analysis: ‘SEPA: better late than never?’

This blog post is written by freelance consultant Edith Rigler. She has over 25 years experience in senior positions at global banks.  About three weeks before the so-called SEPA end date (1st February 2014) a 6-month extension of this end date has been proposed. Seldom has a payments topic caused such attention in the media […]

Sticking to the deadline

As could be expected, the proposal of the European Commission to extend the transition period of SEPA with six months has fueled the debate all across Europe. The European Payments Council (EPC) issued a press release in which all parties involved are advised to proceed as usual and stick to the deadline of February 1: […]

Red lights for Estonia and Germany SEPA migration

Results in the recently published qualitative SEPA indicators for the second quarter of 2013 report show several countries significantly struggling in SEPA migration. The European Central Bank examined various countries to assess SEPA progress by stakeholder groups on a country level. The corporate sector in Germany might not complete migration to SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) […]