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Un-banking of Europe and the US

Technological advances, crowdfunding and reputational issues are just a few of the challenges banks are facing at the moment. According to a recent report from global consulting firm Deloitte the European banking model is under assault. Until now, banks have been sceptical of the attacks on their industry dominance. Deloitte sees this time as being different: […]

Interview with Javier Santamaría, part two: ‘Early movers confirm: SEPA pays off’

In a previous blog post, chairman Javier Santamaría of the European Payments Council (EPC) discussed the transition towards SEPA and the role EPC plays in this process. In this second part, Javier Santamaría will highlight the main advantages of SEPA to consumers and companies and the importance of communicating the SEPA objectives. What, in your […]