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Blockchain in banking: what to expect?

The financial institutions Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Wells Fargo have set up a mutual transaction which is handled by a blockchain. It is the first global trade transaction between two independent banks with this technology, but it isn’t the first time that blockchain and banking are mentioned in the same breath. How can banks profit […]

In the media: ‘the rise in online payments attacks in 2015’

New payment methods are usually very exciting because of all the new features and possibilities, but there is a flipside: they contain new risks when it comes to fraud. In 2014 we have seen the introduction of various new initiatives such as Apple Pay and digital wallets, but there were also a lot of alarming […]

Virtual currencies: house of cards or mass market trend?

News about virtual currencies, and especially about Bitcoin, continue to appear in the media with unabated speed. The supply side seems to be outpacing the demand side, and it is interesting to review both sides of the market. Many suppliers are ready to meet the demand On the supply side, the infrastructure needed to support […]

Virtual Currencies: Regulators´ Concerns and Responses

There isn´t a day now that you open a newspaper and don´t find a Bitcoin story. Partly this has to do with the fact that Bitcoin´s shine has been tarnished lately: the price of Bitcoin recently dropped again; it is now priced at around $380, a two-thirds decline from its high of more than $1,130 […]

“Virtual Currencies: Are They for Real?”

Virtual currencies: magic- or madness? Plaything for the rich- or payment vehicle for the unbanked? Passing fad- or here to stay? We often hear these questions today. What is certain is that virtual currencies (VCs) are for “real”: they are here to stay for the foreseeable future. But what is also certain is that they […]

‘SEPA will help Bitcoin thrive’

While SEPA is high on the agenda of European banks, business and consumers, it is not the only initiative that aims to harmonise payments on an international level. Recently, media have paid increasing attention to Bitcoin. The currency is now at an all-time high and the first Bitcoin millionaires have already been identified. Although the […]