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Three advantages of instant payments for banks and why they should modernise as soon as possible

Instant payments have become a reality now that the European Payments Council has released a proposal for the development of an instant credit transfer scheme. This proposal (set for November 2016) aims to bring real time money transfers in the SEPA zone by November 2017. Instant payments are the next big change in the payments […]

Banks and fintech; from fear of to need for each other

  They were supposed to disrupt modern banking, but in reality, financial technology companies are more eager to cooperate with banks, rather than to overrun them. The relationship between banks and fintech firms is much closer than just being each other competitors, according to the Wall Street Journal. It proves that the banking sector is […]

Always up to date with SaaS for banks

In a year ‘Software-as-a-Service’ solutions (SaaS) are mass adopted in core banking, according to Gartner’s Hype Cycle. The article “Is Fintech ‘Innovation’ Diverting Attention Away From ‘Unglamorous’ Core Banking?” on Bobsguide raises questions about the pace of replacement projects in core banking, but SaaS is an innovative development that can’t be denied. In this blog […]

Un-banking of Europe and the US

Technological advances, crowdfunding and reputational issues are just a few of the challenges banks are facing at the moment. According to a recent report from global consulting firm Deloitte the European banking model is under assault. Until now, banks have been sceptical of the attacks on their industry dominance. Deloitte sees this time as being different: […]

Trends in Payment Fraud

SEPA, e-commerce, mobile payments and bitcoins are just a few of the many shifts and innovations that dominate the payments industry. Whenever new technologies and practices evolve, there is an ongoing battle between organisations working to adapt the new reality and criminals trying to take advantage of early adaptors who are paving the way. To […]

Banks and mobile wallets – a good marriage?

Nearly 700 mobile payments startups seek funding, according to AngelList, an online platform for entrepreneurs and investors. This means that mobile payments are ‘hot’. Consumers want to trust third parties to handle their money, but there’s a flipside. Even though a lot of parties introduce new payment solutions, consumers aren’t eager to test out these […]