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Banks are a better version of themselves thanks to fintech

The emergence of fintech companies is good news for banks, although many banks may see this differently. The general assumption was that fintech was a threat. But the opposite is true. New competition actually ensures that traditional parties take a closer look at their current services again, which means that banks now feel the need […]

Banks well and ready for PSD2 innovation surge

If you ask Gijs Boudewijn, deputy director of the Dutch Payments Association, payment processing will become increasingly automated in the future and will become part of a seamless user experience following the formal implementation of the new Revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2) next year. And this is just one of the many changes we can […]

Making PSD2 access to accounts work in practice

There is a massive trend in many industries for co-development of solutions. Apple does not develop all apps themselves but provides a platform for others. Supermarkets do not bake the bread themselves but provide shelves for others to populate. Amazon does not produce own books and electrical goods but provides the means for others to […]

Payments 3.0: making the transition

The fast growth of e- and m-commerce is causing a fundamental change in the payments industry. Because the end-user is now the primary focus, payment transactions in themselves are becoming a ‘secondary priority’. Convenience and ease-of-use are the ultimate goal. This has led to a change in the traditional business model for the payments industry, […]

Real-time payments in Sweden: one million users and still counting

Real time is real time, according to Bankgirot, the clearinghouse responsible for the introduction of a real-time payment platform in Sweden. ‘Real-time payment’ refers to the money leaving one account in real time, appearing on the other account at the same time, being settled in real time, and then processed on the account statement in […]

Four strategies for dealing with millennials – and one misconception

Young people are struggling with financial problems like college debt and underemployment. At the same time, they put a high value on transparency and do not always trust financial institutions. Their expectations of online and mobile services are often higher than what banks can currently offer, but at the same time their financial literacy tends […]