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From the back pocket to the front

At the end of January, Amazon closed its mobile wallet app, after only six months. According to analysts the company had difficulties breaking into the mobile wallet market and it faced some tough competition with Apple and its Apple Pay platform. So, was the test a success or are digital wallets doomed to fail? The […]

2014 was a year of change

If there is one word that would characterize the year 2014, then it would be ‘change’. The year was full of changes in the area of payments, banking and technology. The long-awaited offend-date for SEPA, innovations in the field of mobile payment and (still limited) acceptance of Bitcoin are the most important changes. Even though […]

The potential breakthrough in mobile wallets thanks to NFC chips

Paying in an offline store while holding the new iPhone close to a checkout point to make a transaction with your iTunes account – it could be that simple. Apple will include Near Field Communication (NFC) chips on the new iPhone that was introduced on September 9th. This could be the breakthrough mobile wallets has […]