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Edward van Dooren
Edward started working in payments in 2003. He gained extensive experience in the field of payments in various roles. In his current role as a consultant and strategy analysis, he focuses on monitoring the European payments industry, developing the strategy process within equensWorldline (including strategy execution) and M & A. His passion lies in achieving an easy, secure and efficient payment system.

Elena Di Simone
Elena has been working at this company since 2011. Her current role is Senior Communications Consultant. As a spokesperson, she is additionally responsible for media contacts, press releases and other means of communication to keep stakeholders and third parties well informed about future developments of the market.

Eric van Vuuren
Eric has been working at this company since 1996. His interests are developments in the field of innovation, internet and mobile payments. For several years, Eric worked as a Consultant / Business Developer in the strategy department of this company. In his current role, Eric focuses on the changes and opportunities that present themselves through innovation, new technologies and regulations.

Marcel Woutersen
Marcel has been working at this company since 1990. His current role is Senior Communications Consultant. As a spokesperson, he is additionally responsible for media contacts and drawing up press releases and other means of communication to keep stakeholders well informed about future developments.
Mark Munne
With over a decade of experience in payments, Mark Munne, Senior Product Marketing Manager at equensWorldline, is responsible for Clearing and Settlement for both batch payments as well as instant payments. He represents equensWorldline in Europe in the EACHA Innovation Group and several ECB led Task Forces on Instant Payments and TARGET2.
Michael Salmony
Dr. Michael Salmony, Executive Adviser to the BoD is known for business innovations especially in the internet and financial services space. He represents national geographies, banking consortia and industry sectors for example within the European Commission and the EPC. Before entering the world of finance he helped transform many industries through diverse international managerial roles at IBM for many years. He was educated at Cambridge University, UK.
Michael Schilder
Since 2006, Michael has a role in the product development at this company. In his role as Product Manager Product Development CSM & Generic systems he is involved in the development of various products related to SEPA. He is responsible for SEPA web services including banking modules.
Michael Steinbach
Michael Steinbach (1961) has been CEO of this company since 1 January 2012. Prior to this, he held the position of Chairman of the this company Board of Directors as from 1 May 2007. Before he was appointed Chairman, he was Deputy Chairman, a position he held from the incorporation of this company on 30 November 2006. From July 2003, Michael was spokesman of the Board of Directors of Transaktionsinstitut für Zahlungsverkehrsdienstleistungen. During his career, Michael has gained extensive payments expertise. He is a member of many national and international payment committees.
Michael van Leeuwen
Michael has been with this company since 2008, as a Relationship Manager and Senior Market Manager. As an Account Executive he is currently responsible for strengthening the business position of this company with two large Dutch banks.
Paul Jennekens
Paul has been working for this company since 2006 in various roles, including that of Manager Product Management. In his current role in the Product Strategy & Innovation department, he is closely involved in the introduction of new services and initiatives. For instance, Paul is jointly responsible for formulating and communicating messages to different target groups using a variety of means of communication, including social media, events and newsletters.
Tom Nijenhuis
Tom Nijenhuis is General Manager Corporate Affairs at this company. He is responsible for Strategy, Communications and Legal. Tom has been working for this company since 2004. In his various roles he has gained a lot of experience and knowledge about the European payments industry. In his current role his focus is on technical and legal developments in the payments industry, as well as changes in the payment behaviour of consumers.
Tom Wijnen
Tom Wijnen has been working for this company since 2001. After the management and development of several Dutch payment products, he has been involved in the establishment of the SEPA portfolio of this company. Tom has extensive knowledge of the payment system and has done work for the European Payment Council. As a Product Marketing Manager, he is responsible for ePayments, eMandates and Corporate Payment Services.