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Invisible payments will open the door to mobile

Invisible payments are the answer to several mobile payment adoption problems. At least: that is what the cloud infrastructure company i2c says. Amazon is putting this theory into practice. Customers of the Amazon GO store just have to put their products in their basket and leave the store whenever they have everything they need. The […]

Millennials are the driving force behind mobile payments

The number of cashless payments increased by 52 percent between 2011 and 2015, with a total of 471 billion cashless payments worldwide in 2015. While the use of cash is decreasing, there is a momentum for mobile payments. According to Dutch bank ING almost half of the European mobile device owners bank by mobile, which […]

Why 2017 will be the year of turning points

Major developments, promising new technologies and sometimes a lack of clarity; 2016 has been an exciting year for the financial world. PSD2, instant payments, mobile payments and blockchain were the talk of finance town. But which of these technologies and developments will have the biggest impact in 2017? This is what several influencers have to […]

Making PSD2 access to accounts work in practice

There is a massive trend in many industries for co-development of solutions. Apple does not develop all apps themselves but provides a platform for others. Supermarkets do not bake the bread themselves but provide shelves for others to populate. Amazon does not produce own books and electrical goods but provides the means for others to […]

The future of payments at Sibos 2016: security, fintech and PSD2

Numerous financial experts gathered at the yearly Sibos conference, hosted by the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT). They spoke about the challenges that the financial market is facing at the moment. We have gathered some interesting insights, based on the Sibos Issues. Cyber-security Cyber-security is one of the most serious challenges facing the […]

Great user experience is the primary goal, then start thinking about scaling

In order to become innovative, companies need the right people with the right skillset in the right teams. There should also be an infrastructure in place to remove barriers of compliancy, according to our previous blog on innovation at Dutch bank ING. The next step is the actual work; how can ideas be turned into […]

Contactless payments in order to boost Italian consumption and competitiveness

More and more often, we happen to hear people talking about a near future in which we will not use cash anymore. According to some, it could even happen within 2025. Actually, the world of digital payments is going through a period of great ferment. Technologies applied to financial transactions are becoming more and more […]

‘Contactless’ is stuck in elderly land

We can buy our groceries, movie tickets and a cup of coffee with just a simple slide of our bank card or a single touch on our smartphone. But even though this ‘new’ payment systems were introduced years ago, a recent survey of Future Thinking shows a lack of trust. If ‘contactless’ wants to grow, […]

The payments industry needs to close the gap between user experience and payment options

Even if you’re number one, you have to think like number two. Market leaders simply can’t stop and enjoy their lead, because the competition is keen to take their spot at the top. This also applies to companies in the payments industry: market leaders must continue to innovate in order to maintain the largest market […]

The ongoing debate of the future of cash money is not coming to an end soon

Even with the growing popularity of electronic payments, mobile banking and digital wallets cash remains resilient. That is the conclusion of the recent publication of G4S, a cash management company, on cash use across 28 European countries. ‘The volume of cash in circulation has increased 11 percent up to 2015 with cash now making 60 […]