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Dutch crisis exercise makes payment world more secure against cyberattacks

Cybersecurity is a priority in all business sectors, as newspaper columns are increasingly filled with cyberattacks and hacks. The financial sector is no exception. That is why the biggest Dutch crisis simulation in six years took place last month. The main question was: are financial institutions and other stakeholders able to make the right decisions and […]

Contactless payments in order to boost Italian consumption and competitiveness

More and more often, we happen to hear people talking about a near future in which we will not use cash anymore. According to some, it could even happen within 2025. Actually, the world of digital payments is going through a period of great ferment. Technologies applied to financial transactions are becoming more and more […]

Peer-to-peer cash remittances as a springboard for digital payments

The rapidly growing popularity of mobile peer-to-peer (P2P) cash transfers in recent years holds pride of place as one of the most exciting developments in m-payments & commerce. An Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) survey of major European banks reveals that financial technology is radically alter the relationship between the users and providers of banking services, […]

Should the old and new worlds compete or cooperate?

To compete or to cooperate? That is the main question of these challenging times for banks and fintechs, where innovation is constantly and radically reshaping the payments industry. It seems that the market is roughly divided by the two forces, but I think that a change of scope is needed to answer the first question. […]

Why it’s not a bad idea for Apple to slowly evolve in the payments industry

Although Apple Pay was already introduced in September 2014, the mass adoption of this mobile payment technology has been lagging. However, Apple continued investing in R&D to expand the technology, expanding its partners network and introducing new services such as payments for parking. Apple is entering this market very gradually, which is a different strategy […]

Three advantages of instant payments for banks and why they should modernise as soon as possible

Instant payments have become a reality now that the European Payments Council has released a proposal for the development of an instant credit transfer scheme. This proposal (set for November 2016) aims to bring real time money transfers in the SEPA zone by November 2017. Instant payments are the next big change in the payments […]

Cash and cashless payments continue to fight a battle without an absolute winner

Cashless payments are rapidly gaining foothold, but cash still remains resilient. According to RBR’s study ‘Global Payment Cards Data and Forecasts to 2020’ cashless payments are increasing at only a slightly faster rate than the number of ATM cash withdrawals. This suggests that cash is still favoured as a means of payment for a significant […]