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SIBOS day 2 – What Europeans can learn from Australia’s Instant Payments experiences

Most payment experts believe that Instant Payments (IP) will become the primary payment method in the future. This is one of the conclusions of the Really a real-time reality session on day 2 of Sibos. During this session, NPP Australia, EBA Clearing and the ECB shared their IP experiences. This session came at a perfect time, […]

Ready in time for Instant Payments by outsourcing the back-office processing engine

Doing it yourself, buying or outsourcing? These are the options for many banks when it comes to innovating their core processes, such as processing Instant Payments. In 2019, it must be possible to process these transactions real-time, but because these payments are made with a different scheme, they require an adaptation to the underlying payment […]

Building the future of payments during the ECB’s TIPSapp Challenge

“Instant Payment is faster than the security check-in at the ECB”, those were the opening words of Marc Bayle de Jessé of the European Central Bank himself. But a lot of people made it to Frankfurt on February 6 2018  to see sixteen companies present their instant payment solutions and to engage in the interesting discussion […]

Four cases to demonstrate user-friendly solutions for Instant Payments during the ECB’s TIPSapp Challenge

Instant Payments is a quantum leap in payments. Consumers can send money as quickly as email and corporates have instant certainty. equensWorldline has prepared two apps to demonstrate its thought-leadership in providing instant payment, that will be presented during the TIPSapp Challenge, organized by the ECB, on 6 February 2018. The challenge is meant to […]

Paving the way for instant payments across Europe

This guest blog is written by Mehdi Manaa, Deputy Director General Market Infrastructure and Payments, European Central Bank. The availability of a safe and efficient market infrastructure that can process and settle instant payments across Europe is one of the cornerstones of European payments innovation. In the context of the Eurosystem’s strategic review of the future […]

SIBOS day 2 – A discussion about the role of payment infrastructures in the era of instant

On the second day of SIBOS, equensWorldline’s CEO Michael Steinbach was present during the panel discussion. The topic of the discussion was ‘Complementary or competitive? The role of payments market infrastructure and correspondent banks in instant international payments’. This blog is a summary of the panel discussion. The session was moderated by Lisa Lansdowne-Higgins (Vice […]

SIBOS day 1 – How an app challenge can improve the use of Instant Payments

Banks, PSPs and tech providers can all compete to present the best app (or the prototypes) for Instant Payments on the 6th of February in 2018 in Frankfurt during the #TIPSapp Challenge. This challenge is going to be organized to stimulate the creation of apps so consumers can pay easily via Instant Payments with those […]

Infographic: The way forward to making Instant Payments a success.

The way forward to making Instant Payments a success. Have a look at our infographic:

Investments for Instant Payments will make payments as convenient and easy as possible

The introduction of instant payments, real-time payments, will lead to a huge upheaval. That is what I predicted in a recent article in the German newspaper Börsen-Zeitung. Instant Payments are a hot topic and there is a reason for that. The estimated investments are higher than the introduction of the euro, which I explained in […]

The challenges of (and the potential solutions for) processing Instant Payments

Low latency, 24/7 availability, connectivity and scalability. When it comes to processing Instant Payments, these are the four main challenges for banks and processors. This new and faster way to make payments has a lot of market potential, but the underlying infrastructures and processes need to be upgraded to facilitate the Instant Payments. I wrote […]