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Taking advantage of open-banking disruption

There is no doubt that fintech firms are disrupting the banking sector. Customers are beginning to rely more on the convenience and ease of use of digital services, which is adding strain on traditional banking institutions.

Can payment-options give chatbots a push in the right direction?

The future of chatbots is unknown. When Facebook announced in 2016 that it would allow developers to place chatbots on its Messenger app, the expectations were high. According to Vice President David Marcus from Facebook Messenger 100,000 chatbots were launched on their platform since then (status April 2017). This way, companies were able to dramatically reduce the workload of […]

Banks can not wait for the technological storm to lie down

Banks have to make some hard decisions if they want to survive in a new technological era. At least, that is what Holland FinTech CEO Don Ginsel thinks. His organization tries to bring the advantages of financial technology under the attention of the financial public. “There is little love for technology in the financial world, […]

Banks are a better version of themselves thanks to fintech

The emergence of fintech companies is good news for banks, although many banks may see this differently. The general assumption was that fintech was a threat. But the opposite is true. New competition actually ensures that traditional parties take a closer look at their current services again, which means that banks now feel the need […]

Banks well and ready for PSD2 innovation surge

If you ask Gijs Boudewijn, deputy director of the Dutch Payments Association, payment processing will become increasingly automated in the future and will become part of a seamless user experience following the formal implementation of the new Revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2) next year. And this is just one of the many changes we can […]

‘API used to be just a technology, now it is a state of mind’

‘Open API is more than a technology or a new way to meet compliance obligations; it represents a new way of doing business that must be embraced with open arms and put to work.’ The conclusion is clear in this recent article on GT News about API’s and the attitude of banks towards this technology. […]

Collaboration with fintechs is key for the future of banking

The evolution of fintech means the end of traditional banks. That’s the eerie message of entrepreneur Mike Galarza recently on Fintech Weekly. According to him ‘banks are not going to be washed away overnight by an army of fintech firms that are still, as yet, unprepared for regulatory responsibility. However, their industry is moving in […]

Great user experience is the primary goal, then start thinking about scaling

In order to become innovative, companies need the right people with the right skillset in the right teams. There should also be an infrastructure in place to remove barriers of compliancy, according to our previous blog on innovation at Dutch bank ING. The next step is the actual work; how can ideas be turned into […]