Tom Wijnen
Tom Wijnen has been working for Equens since 2001. After the management and development of several Dutch payment products, he has been involved in the establishment of the SEPA portfolio of Equens. Tom has extensive knowledge of the payment system and has done work for the European Payment Council. As a Product Marketing Manager, he is responsible for ePayments, eMandates and Corporate Payment Services.

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Should there be a PSD3 to really open the market?

Since PSD2 became effective in January 2018, the market has slowly started to act on it. We see that until now only a few banks have published their PSD2 APIs. The main reason for this slow take-up lies in the fact that the RTS (Regulatory Technical Standards), which determine how some of the PSD2 stipulations […]

Five important steps to become a Third Party Provider following PSD2

We know from our recent discussions with a wide range of market players that many would-be Third Party Providers (TPPs) feel uncertain about why they should become a TPP and if so, what they need to do to best prepare for PSD2, and about whom they can turn to for strategic, as well as technical, […]

The future? Banks become open ecosystems and collaborate with fintechs

With the introduction of the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), data of the bank customer, after his consent, becomes practically a common good. As of January 2018, banks are obliged to open up bank account details to third parties. This makes the PSD2 perhaps the most disruptive and exciting development in years. This introduction, combined […]

Why it is not wise to waste time with only a few months until PSD2 is the new reality for banks   

With only a few months left before the implementation, it seems that the general opinion about PSD2 can be divided in two sides. On the one hand, there are the banks and consumers who don’t trust companies with bank details. According to research by Accenture, a clear majority of Brits is unwilling to share their financial […]

Will PSD2 bring the financial industry into a new era?

A lot has already been said and written about PSD2, Access to Accounts and the impact of this new regulation on the payments industry. Alessandro Baroni, CMO of equensWorldline, elaborates on this hot topic in an extensive Q&A session, giving his vision on some crucial aspects of PSD2. Finextra published a short video interview with […]

How PSD2 will get banks out of their comfort zone

The Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) will affect the banking world starting in 2018. Traditional parties wonder whether this European legislation means the end of their share of the payment market and the start of a new era for new players. On the other hand, the new legislation seems to offer opportunities. But where is […]

Deutsche Bank: “Digital direct debit mandates are the logical next step in the digitisation of payments”

Some parties believe that ninety per cent of the market will make the switch to this new payment method. Digital Direct debit mandates (e-Mandates) have the potential to become the new standard in online direct debit mandates. Today, Deutsche Bank will be introducing e-Mandates, and its clients will be able to offer this service to […]