Paul Jennekens
Paul has been working for Equens since 2006 in various roles, including that of Product Marketing Manager. In his current role of Senior Marketing Consultant, he is closely involved in the migration of various Equens products and services to SEPA. For instance, Paul is jointly responsible for formulating and communicating clear messages to different target groups using a variety of means of communication, including social media, events and newsletters.

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Enabling innovation through payments platform transformation

Today, global trends including changing customer demands, new entrants, innovative technologies, regulatory pressure, higher costs and lower profit margins are driving significant changes to the financial services market. Regulations are tightened and compliance costs for financial institutions are increasing, while initiatives like PSD2 have opened up the financial market to innovative competition. In the wake […]

Why banks are gradually embracing PSD2, fintechs and Instant Payments

Banks closely monitor how technological innovations are rapidly disrupting the payments landscape. The introduction of Instant Payments, competition from fintechs and the PSD2 regulations continue to put the business models of banks under extreme pressure. Liz Oakes, Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company, explains why it is good that banks, partly under pressure from the […]

‘Going digital is not the goal, it’s just a tool’

Mobile first has been the philosophy of BNP Paribas, one of the largest banks in the eurozone, for two years now. Not that strange, because the number of French customers that visit the bank only via their smartphone has risen explosively in the past four years: from 175.000 to 1.2 million. Out of a total […]

‘The fragmented payment landscape leads to more complexity and security concerns for consumers’

Five years ago, visiting a physical banking branch for cash or advice was a given. In a short time, however, mobile payment solutions have largely replaced these visits. Not just banks, but also third parties have created new mobile payment solutions, often in the form of apps and digital wallets. The result: multiple wallets and […]

What did early adopter Nordea learn about opening up customer data?

Nordea was the first bank in the Nordics that stepped into the new world of Open Banking. The 200-year-old Nordic bank – which is headquartered in Finland since this month and has approximately eleven million customers – has been offering third parties access to real customer data since December 2017, after several pilot activities earlier […]

Building the future of payments during the ECB’s TIPSapp Challenge

“Instant Payment is faster than the security check-in at the ECB”, those were the opening words of Marc Bayle de Jessé of the European Central Bank himself. But a lot of people made it to Frankfurt on February 6 2018  to see sixteen companies present their instant payment solutions and to engage in the interesting discussion […]

Host Card Emulation is the real breakthrough for mobile payments

The market for mobile payments has always been fragmented, because banks, telephone manufacturers and telecom providers all offered their own solutions. Mobile payments have therefore never gained traction with the majority. The introduction of Host Card Emulation (HCE) can be seen as a real breakthrough for mobile payments, because it unifies the market and can […]

Infographic: The way forward to making Instant Payments a success.

The way forward to making Instant Payments a success. Have a look at our infographic:

Instant Settlement by the European Central Bank is the alternative for interoperability

The European Central Bank (ECB) officially announced on June 22nd that it will offer an Instant Settlement service, called TIPS (TARGET Instant Payment Settlement), starting from November 2018. The ECB aim is to ensure the demand for instant payments is met at European level and to further facilitate the integration of the euro area. The ECB has […]

Anyone, anytime, anywhere; achieving pan-European reach in Instant Payments through interoperability

With the November deadline approaching quickly, Instant Payments in the eurozone is about to become a reality. Initiatives in the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, France and Spain show that there is massive interest in this new payment method. Thomas Feiler, Head of Payments Product Management at equensWorldline, explains in this blog how these initiatives should connect […]