Michael Salmony
Dr. Michael Salmony, Executive Adviser to the BoD is known for business innovations especially in the internet and financial services space. He represents national geographies, banking consortia and industry sectors for example within the European Commission and the EPC. Before entering the world of finance he helped transform many industries through diverse international managerial roles at IBM for many years. He was educated at Cambridge University, UK.

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Banks can save us from the online identity meltdown

This article was originally published on the The Paypers We are increasingly going digital, yet the way we manage our online identity nowadays is largely based on old technology: passwords, rigid authentication procedures, security questions such as stating your mother’s maiden name or sending an image of your passport via e-mail. It is no surprise that […]

Making PSD2 access to accounts work in practice

There is a massive trend in many industries for co-development of solutions. Apple does not develop all apps themselves but provides a platform for others. Supermarkets do not bake the bread themselves but provide shelves for others to populate. Amazon does not produce own books and electrical goods but provides the means for others to […]

Why not shape the PSD2 disruption yourself?

The new Payment Service Directive (PSD2) will give third parties access to bank accounts. This means that non-bank TPPs (third party payment providers) like Quicken, AFAS, FinTechs and Google will be able to access all payment accounts in Europe to send customers’ money and look at their transactions. All the thousands of banks in Europe […]

Paying the babysitter directly with mobile P2P-technology should be easy and safe

When Apple does something innovative, it usually turns out for the best. The company recently filed a patent that uses NFC and Bluetooth technology to enable person-to-person payments between iPhones and Apple Watches. This means that people can pay each other with their mobile phones. Why and how will peer-to-peer payments change the payments landscape? […]

Controlled Access to Payment Services

This blog post is based on a whitepaper written by Michael Salmony, Executive Advisor Equens SE. There has been some intense debate on European legislation that would require banks to grant third parties access to their customer accounts. This debate was fuelled by the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), which was published about a year […]