Marcel Woutersen
Marcel has been working at Equens since 1990. In his role of Senior Marketing & Communications Consultant, he is closely involved in the migration of a variety of Equens products and services to SEPA. As a spokesperson, he is additionally responsible for media contacts and drawing up press releases and other means of communication to keep stakeholders well informed about future developments and how market parties can prepare for the migration.

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Banks well and ready for PSD2 innovation surge

If you ask Gijs Boudewijn, deputy director of the Dutch Payments Association, payment processing will become increasingly automated in the future and will become part of a seamless user experience following the formal implementation of the new Revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2) next year. And this is just one of the many changes we can […]

Collaboration with fintechs is key for the future of banking

The evolution of fintech means the end of traditional banks. That’s the eerie message of entrepreneur Mike Galarza recently on Fintech Weekly. According to him ‘banks are not going to be washed away overnight by an army of fintech firms that are still, as yet, unprepared for regulatory responsibility. However, their industry is moving in […]

‘Contactless’ is stuck in elderly land

We can buy our groceries, movie tickets and a cup of coffee with just a simple slide of our bank card or a single touch on our smartphone. But even though this ‘new’ payment systems were introduced years ago, a recent survey of Future Thinking shows a lack of trust. If ‘contactless’ wants to grow, […]

The ongoing debate of the future of cash money is not coming to an end soon

Even with the growing popularity of electronic payments, mobile banking and digital wallets cash remains resilient. That is the conclusion of the recent publication of G4S, a cash management company, on cash use across 28 European countries. ‘The volume of cash in circulation has increased 11 percent up to 2015 with cash now making 60 […]

Cash and cashless payments continue to fight a battle without an absolute winner

Cashless payments are rapidly gaining foothold, but cash still remains resilient. According to RBR’s study ‘Global Payment Cards Data and Forecasts to 2020’ cashless payments are increasing at only a slightly faster rate than the number of ATM cash withdrawals. This suggests that cash is still favoured as a means of payment for a significant […]

Banks and fintech; from fear of to need for each other

  They were supposed to disrupt modern banking, but in reality, financial technology companies are more eager to cooperate with banks, rather than to overrun them. The relationship between banks and fintech firms is much closer than just being each other competitors, according to the Wall Street Journal. It proves that the banking sector is […]

Sibos 2015: the banking industry should seek collaboration to innovate

If there is one message that resonates after four days of keynotes and panel discussions on various topics on payments on Sibos 2015 in Singapore, it would be this: the rapid emergence of new technologies forces the payment industry to change very rapidly. The central question is how banks can embrace these changes and regain […]

Sibos social media highlights: day 4

The attendees at Sibos use social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, Vine or Facebook to keep the rest of the world updated. This gives a personal touch to an event which is covered by a lot of media, resulting in a gerat flood of content. Here is an overview of the social media to give […]

Sibos social media highlights: day 3

For those who haven’t been able to attend Sibos 2015, social media gives a good and pretty complete picture of the highlights of the annual event. An overview of how the media reported on the event can be found on our website.

Sibos social media highlights: day 2

On the second day of the conference, Sibos generated quite some social media buzz. Not only on Twitter; also Instagram gave us a great picture of the atmosphere in Singapore.