Ingrid van den Berg
Ingrid has been working for Equens since 1981. As a Senior Account Manager, she has specialist knowledge of payments in the broadest sense of the word. In this capacity, Ingrid is involved with SEPA on a daily basis, and regards it as a challenge to be able to contribute to a smooth migration of domestic payments to this new payments area.

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Cash and debit cards continue to beat out new payment methods across Europe

A recent report published by research company Harris Interactive reveals that cash payments remain as popular as ever in France, Germany, Italy and Poland, with new payment methods being slow to catch on. French consumers on the whole, however, favour debit cards and credit cards over cash to pay for purchases. How do these preferences […]

Will physical payments soon be history?

  Apple Pay and Sixdots; these are only two out of several solutions that make it possible to pay for purchases without using physical money or a card. As smartphones are getting more mainstream, more payment solutions via apps arise and these solutions are getting more popular everyday. As we already wrote in an earlier […]

Non-cash transactions are growing with no end in sight

Around the world non-cash payment transactions are popular and becoming more popular by the months. In fact, according to the 10th World Payments Report (figures from 2013) from Capgemini and the Royal Bank of Scotland non-cash payments volumes are growing and expected to increase by nearly 10% to reach 366 billion transactions in 2013. This […]

Why the UK does not lead in mobile innovation

There is no reason why mobile payments should stick to borders. Think of it, consumers in the US have access to the same online products and services, mobile devices and mobile payment providers as people in China or Brazil do. Still, it seems to take time for differences between countries to vanish. For example, the […]

Paying made as easy as sending a text message

The United Kingdom has taken the next step towards the end of using cash, or so it seems. With the introduction of the new service Paym, transferring money is made as easy as sending a text message. Nine banks launched their support for Paym last week, which means that 30 million people can transfer money […]

Euro countries are getting ready for the extended deadline

It seems that postponing the SEPA deadline for all stakeholders to get ready was useful. In an earlier stage, the ECB stated that if the pace of migration continued, the vast majority of stakeholders would have completed their migration by February 1st, the original deadline. New figures from the European Central Bank show that this […]

The SEPA migration speeds up

While we are approaching the original SEPA deadline of February 1st, the transition is speeding up rapidly. At the end of December 2013, 74 per cent of credit transfers in the euro area were already SEPA-compliant, in November that was 64 per cent. Of all EU direct debits 41 per cent was SEPA-compliant, instead of […]

Waivers to smoothen SEPA migration

The end date is in sight, Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) will become reality on February 1st 2014. Every country in the SEPA zone has to be ready by then, because the introduction won’t be postponed. Some national banks have indicated that they need more time to implement some parts of SEPA. However, the SEPA […]

Standardization: What does ISO 20022 mean?

The European payments area will be standardized; from February 1st 2014 on this will be known as SEPA. From this date on the current paying methods in 33 countries are not operational anymore. This means that the participating countries have a lot of catching up to do in transforming the current structures into SEPA structures; […]

A historical SEPA milestone for the Netherlands

The SEPA migration in the Netherlands has reached a historical milestone in the month of June, only eight months short of the deadline on February 1st, 2014. For the first time ever, more SEPA transactions were processed than traditional payment transactions. The total volume on June 20th was more than 5,5 million SEPA transactions and […]