Eric van Vuuren
Eric has been working at this company since 1996. His interests are developments in the field of innovation, internet and mobile payments. For several years, Eric worked as a Consultant / Business Developer in the strategy department of this company. In his current role, Eric focuses on the changes and opportunities that present themselves through innovation, new technologies and regulations.

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Four visions about the future of banks

Banks need to reinvent themselves now that the banking landscape is drastically changing. After all, fintech companies are continuously looking to attack profitable niches, developing their products from scratch using the latest technologies and an extreme focus on usability and fulfilling the wishes of the user. This differs from a lot of traditional banks that […]

Open banking requires enhanced security such as Strong Customer Authentication

In general, there are three factors to identify yourself when making an electronic payment: something that you know (such as a PIN code), something that you possess (such as a telephone) and something that you are (such as a physical characteristic). Under PSD2, the Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requires that […]

Invisible payments will open the door to mobile

Invisible payments are the answer to several mobile payment adoption problems. At least: that is what the cloud infrastructure company i2c says. Amazon is putting this theory into practice. Customers of the Amazon GO store just have to put their products in their basket and leave the store whenever they have everything they need. The […]

‘API used to be just a technology, now it is a state of mind’

‘Open API is more than a technology or a new way to meet compliance obligations; it represents a new way of doing business that must be embraced with open arms and put to work.’ The conclusion is clear in this recent article on GT News about API’s and the attitude of banks towards this technology. […]

PSD2: blessing or a curse for interoperability?

The PSD2 guidelines are not necessarily the solution to a better interoperability in the European banking world. Banks will update their legacy systems because of these guidelines, which should ensure the harmonization and standardization of payments. But the risk of fragmentation lies in wait, says chairman of the e-Payments committee of Ecommerce Europe Paul Alfing.

EPC paper clarifies the use of electronic mandate solutions

This text below is written by Lex Franken and Vincent Jansen and was published in the recent E-Finance & Payments Law & Policy journal. The article is to explain what the legislation is on the electronic mandate in the SEPA era. In short: the new mandate distinguishes two schemes: the SDD Core for use by […]