Elena Di Simone
Elena has been working at this company since 2011. Her current role is Senior Communications Consultant. As a spokesperson, she is additionally responsible for media contacts, press releases and other means of communication to keep stakeholders and third parties well informed about future developments of the market.

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Mobile Proximity Payment is an inevitable evolution

Mobile payment is an international phenomenon. A revolution that continues to make a breakthrough even among Italians and that sees in the so-called Mobile Proximity Payment the real driving force. Big players (from Apple to Samsung, to Amazon and Google) are showing more and more interest and the new technologies (including NFC) are becoming more […]

Taking advantage of open-banking disruption

There is no doubt that fintech firms are disrupting the banking sector. Customers are beginning to rely more on the convenience and ease of use of digital services, which is adding strain on traditional banking institutions.

More and more Europeans are ready to pay using wearable devices

On the one hand, the spread of smartphones, wearable devices, and the Internet of Things, and on the other hand the development of mobile payment solutions and applications that are increasingly safe and reliable and above all usable: the innovation at the level of apps, mobile devices and mobile payments is impacting on the business models […]

Cybersecurity in bank increases customer confidence

The cyber threat, because of its widespread, uncontrolled and transnational nature, is one of the most concerning challenges for all organizations today. The most exposed countries are the Western ones, because they have sophisticated and IT-based critical infrastructures. Looking at the annual Clusit report on ICT Security in Italy there are serious elements of concern. […]

How IoT changes financial services and banks

Internet of Things is going to change the business models of banks and financial services offering, generating great opportunities, but also new challenges. According to BI Intelligence, in fact, currently there are 7 billion of IoT devices, but this number will rapidly rise to 22.5 billion by 2021. There is no doubt that the technologies […]

PSD2: bank as a platform will rise as a new model

The global payments industry continues to grow at a rate of 5% and within the next 5 years it could reach about €2,400 billion in value. This business can therefore represent an important revenue component for banks. Nonetheless, according to PwC’s analysis, the margin of commissions linked to the cash and payment services still has […]

Blockchain will lead the revolution in the banking sector

Blockchain has been used to support the realization of crypto currencies like bitcoin, but it actually has a value and a range of applications that go far beyond the electronic currencies. Blockchain is a distributed ledger containing a continuously growing list of ordered records called ‘blocks’. Each block contains a timestamp and a link to […]

Contactless payments in order to boost Italian consumption and competitiveness

More and more often, we happen to hear people talking about a near future in which we will not use cash anymore. According to some, it could even happen within 2025. Actually, the world of digital payments is going through a period of great ferment. Technologies applied to financial transactions are becoming more and more […]

Peer-to-peer cash remittances as a springboard for digital payments

The rapidly growing popularity of mobile peer-to-peer (P2P) cash transfers in recent years holds pride of place as one of the most exciting developments in m-payments & commerce. An Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) survey of major European banks reveals that financial technology is radically alter the relationship between the users and providers of banking services, […]

The world of prepaid cards will drive Italy towards the digital

In a short space of time, prepaid cards have changed payment habits and increased the associated services and methods of use for millions of users. In particular, the Prepaid Summit Europe 2015, held in Milan in early November, revealed that Italy is one of the countries with the highest rate of use of and reliance […]