Edward van Dooren
Edward started working in payments in 2003. He gained extensive experience in the field of payments in various roles. In his current role as a consultant and strategy analysis, he focuses on monitoring the European payments industry, developing the strategy process within Equens (including strategy execution) and M & A. His passion lies in achieving an easy, secure and efficient payment system.

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The great battle between banks and fintechs for the loyal customer

Dutch bank ABN AMRO announced its new record: one payment request per second was sent via Tikkie during Dutch national holiday ‘King’s Day’ on average. This record is not entirely surprising, as electronic peer-to-peer (P2P) payments have tripled since 2016. Fintechs and banks all over the world are keen to respond to this trend, which […]

Can payment-options give chatbots a push in the right direction?

The future of chatbots is unknown. When Facebook announced in 2016 that it would allow developers to place chatbots on its Messenger app, the expectations were high. According to Vice President David Marcus from Facebook Messenger 100,000 chatbots were launched on their platform since then (status April 2017). This way, companies were able to dramatically reduce the workload of […]

Blockchain in banking: what to expect?

The financial institutions Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Wells Fargo have set up a mutual transaction which is handled by a blockchain. It is the first global trade transaction between two independent banks with this technology, but it isn’t the first time that blockchain and banking are mentioned in the same breath. How can banks profit […]

Why it’s not a bad idea for Apple to slowly evolve in the payments industry

Although Apple Pay was already introduced in September 2014, the mass adoption of this mobile payment technology has been lagging. However, Apple continued investing in R&D to expand the technology, expanding its partners network and introducing new services such as payments for parking. Apple is entering this market very gradually, which is a different strategy […]

Will Digital Wallets Walk The Path Of The iPhone?

Now this is a paradox. Digital wallets are generally considered the next big thing in mobile payments. And its adoption does seem to be increasing slowly across many global regions. However… Recent research performed by Market Force Information shows that fewer people are actually using digital wallets to make payments or receive money in the […]