André Arink
André has been responsible for Fraud Control and Risk Management at Equens since 2012. In this role he leads a team of 12 analysts and fraud investigators that detects, prevents and fights fraud in the payment system. Fraud Control at Equens has a large national and international network in the fight against fraud and maintains contact with police, justice and security organisations at banks. André and some of his team members are members of various global anti-fraud organisations and they participate on behalf of Equens in a number of inter-bank work groups that deal with the safety of the payment structure on a policy and operational scale.

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A global approach is essential to address global online fraud

In 2013 the total value of reported fraud using cards issued in SEPA amounted to 1.44 billion euros. Still, only 1 in 5.000 transactions (0.020%) is subject to fraud. These are some of the outcomes of the fourth report on card fraud, issued by the ECB. In short, the value of fraud on cards issued […]

Trends in Payment Fraud

SEPA, e-commerce, mobile payments and bitcoins are just a few of the many shifts and innovations that dominate the payments industry. Whenever new technologies and practices evolve, there is an ongoing battle between organisations working to adapt the new reality and criminals trying to take advantage of early adaptors who are paving the way. To […]